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Our Point

1. Parental support
· Please tell me about your creation and hope. Our office listens to each client's desire and we will support you to acquire a patent closely.

· Please consult us if there are inventions that you do not know whether acquire patent or not. We will give you advice for exceeding the line to acquire patent.

· Regular business hours are from 10 JST to 18 JST on weekdays, but for those who can not meet the convenience of time on weekdays, we are also available from 18 o'clock to 22 o'clock, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.  In case, please make a reservation from the inquiry form 3 days in advance. (Of course, it is free).

2. Deep experience and extensive technical knowledge

Prior to being a patent attorney, Mr. Katsunuma was engaged in plant engineering work for 10 years. As plant engineering involves a wide range of technologies such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, control, computer technology, etc. he obtained extensive knowledge of technologies in general.
 After experiencing the plant engineering work, he became a patent attorney and worked in the IP field for nearly 30 years. During this long time of period, he has prosecuted  various kinds of works as a patent attorney, such as drafting patent applications, filing appeals against the refusal decision of the Examiners, filing invalidity trials. In addition, he is qualified as a patent attorney who can represent his client in infringing law suit cases.

3.Broad connection with foreign agent

 Mr. Katsunuma has filed many patent application abroad. He has a wide network of foreign patent attorneys through APAA (Asia Patent Attorneys Association) and his long term networking. It will surely assist the domestic clients who are developing their business in the world.  With free communication skills in English and Chinese, he has assisted the foreign clients to file many patent applications in Japan. Good communication is essential to understand the inventions and the intention of the clients.

4. Create Japanese translation at the same time as English statement

 We are proposing applications for foreign applications for clients, who are developing overseas or planning to expand overseas business in the future.
 For overseas applications of patents, those worthy of specifications prepared in foreign languages (English) are required. At our place, by doing English translation at the same time as preparing Japanese specifications, we will create an English translation that makes maximum use of Japanese nuance without misunderstanding in Japanese → English.
In addition, it saves time and expense as it saves the labor of delegating to the translator.


Katsunuma International Patent Office   Hiro Tokyo IP 


Tel: (81)3-6435-5871    Fax: (81)3-6435-5872

Modern-Form II 4F, Nishi-Azabu 1-15-7, Minato-ku, Tokyo,106-0031, Japan

6 min walk from Nogizaka Sta. Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-Line

9 min walk from Roppongi Sta. Tokyo Metro Hibiya-Line/Oedo-Line

3 min walk from Nishi-Azabu Bus Stop Toei Bus

Please feel free to contact us!

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